Do They Really Want to Hear It?

Rated PG: Adult Concepts
A friend of mine and I were chatting last night about love and relationships. The conversation led me to think about one of the reasons I am leaving the dating site that I am on and moving my blog to my own site (here). Additionally, it led me to ponder; do we all have a desire to be open about our relationships and feelings in those relationships, and do others really want to hear about it?

On the dating site bloggers are allowed to discuss anything they wish. But there does seem to be two particular trends.
1. Those looking for partners and lamenting that they do not have one.
2. Those who have a partner and are looking for either additional playmates, and/or who blog about their exploits with their partner(s).

My friend and I have both expressed the desire to be open with other people about our relationships and feelings. First, this requires close friends which neither of us really have, well, other than us. On that front, we are the close friends that we can discuss these sort of things with.

My friend has tried talking about her relationship and feelings with her children. All adults mind you. But she explains to me that over time the children lose interest. Oh, they are happy for her, but there comes a point where they do not want to hear too much.

I know for myself, on the dating web site, I get tired of reading about other people’s sexual and intimate exploits. I understand the blogger’s desire to get that information out. To emote. But for the reader it becomes, “Heard it before,” as well as, “Don’t rub it in my face.”

Why does this dichotomy exist? The desire to talk about one’s personal relationships, but an unwillingness to take real interest in other people’s personal relationships. Is it gender related? Are women more apt to freely discuss relationships, while men are not? Is it age related? Is open discussion about relationships something the young tend to do, and something that dies off as we age? Or is it cultural, or perhaps generational?

I know we all want to pull a Tom Cruise and jump up and down on the sofa in front of Oprah and the world. But then, look what happened to Tom after that. Does the rest of the world really want to hear about it?

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