Skyfall: 007

Review Rated G: Movie Rated PG-13

Skyfall: 007

Take Daniel Craig, a Walther PPK, a small, basic radio homing device, and an Aston Martin DB5, shake – do not stir – and you get the best movie franchise restart yet.

Not a reboot, the Bond story movies forward and yet resets itself back to its Connery era roots. The action is all new-age Bond. The plot a simple find and kill the bad guy, with all the twists and sleuthing you expect. The score is wonderful, with nice homages.

Those new to 007 may miss some simple tips of the hat to previous Bonds, but that will not detract. Leave it to the longest, and in my opinion best, movie franchise to mark its 50th year in such spectacular fashion.

Daniel Craig is as good as ever. Dame Judi Dench gives a wonderful performance. Javier Bardem makes a sinister Bond villain.

00 – Dr. No complaints.

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