The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (part 1)

The Hobbit - Part 1The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey: Wonderful. A word of warning. If all you know about Hobbits comes from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings movies, you may find pieces of this movie to be overly fanciful and a bit childish. To get you up to speed, The Hobbit was edited a little after The Lord of the Rings was written to try and bring the two closer together. J.R.R. Tolken wrote The Hobbit for his children, and while those children were young adults at the time it was completed, he wanted a more child-like fantasy tale, almost like an ancient myth turned into children’s story, to lead into the deeper and darker The Lord of the Rings.

Once again Peter Jackson captures every important detail. I would even call this The Hobbit +, as Jackson delves into the appendices of The Lord of the Rings and other surrounding Tolkein works to flesh out the more story-like telling of The Hobbit. He provides clear emphasis on points that lead to The Lord of the Rings, things that are easily missed during a reading of this short novel.

All the actors do marvelous jobs. Andy Serkis and the CG Gollum character are truly amazing. The score is wonderful. The action scenes are exciting and fun. The New Zealand landscapes are not only breathtaking, they are perfect. Jackson has turned this much smaller book into a movie trilogy by filming every little detail. No important or remembered line from the book is left out. This is a movie well worth seeing.

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