50 Year Violent Crime Trend:idea:
I heard several pro-gun concerns and issues after the Newtown shooting.

1. Let’s not talk about it now. Do not let this tragic event cause knee-jerk reaction to reduce our freedoms. Don’t tread on the Second Amendment and take away our guns.

2. Our society is falling apart. People have lost all sense or personal responsibility.

Let us get some perspective on this. I will work up that list.

Item 2: Our society is falling apart. The truth is, the crime rate has been steadily falling for decades. Violent crimes rates have falling. According to the FBI the national murder rate has dropped by 1.9 percent in the last year alone. Violent crime rates have fallen in all regions except the Midwest, where it rose a little. Theft and burglary rates are also down, which is statistically odd, as typically during poor economic times those offenses tend to rise.

On Nov. 29, 2012, New York experienced the first day in living memory without a murder. During a 36-hour period from Sunday the 28th to Tuesday the 30th, there was not one gun shooting, stabbing, or other violent act that resulted in a death. Certainly this may be an anomalous fluke, but in a city of eight-million people such a fluke is possible only if violent behavior is falling. In 1990, NYC police say the city tallied just less than 2,300 homicides. By 2002, that number had dropped below 600. As of late November 2012, the NYC police say the number was 366. (Citing Reuters:, among others)

While people may not like fashion trends, tv, movies, and a host of other social activities, in the face of falling crime rates it would be hard to argue that we are becoming an irresponsible society. The facts of the figures suggest we are becoming a safer, better society.

Item 1: Let’s not overreact and reduce our freedoms. Obama wants our guns. The facts are, in recent years gun laws have begun to relax. On the Federal level the last restriction was The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act banning the sale of new assault weapons for 10 years, passed in 1994. Since then:
2003 – The Tiahrt Amendment prohibits the disclosure of trace data about guns used in crimes, which protects gun manufacturers and dealers from lawsuits if their guns are used in crimes.
2004 – The assault weapons ban expires.
On the State level:
2005 – Florida enacts Stand Your Ground.
2011 – Texas does not pass an Open Carry law, but the effort continues.
2012 – South Carolina abolishes Title 3, Article 31, and no longer requires hand gun retailers to be licensed with South Carolina.

These are just a few examples. I admit the states list is selective, though the federal list is complete. The point being, it is difficult to argue that our freedoms are diminishing when there is a clear list that they are actually growing. The knee jerk reaction seems to be more from the pro-gun side than from the gun-regulations side. As gun regulations are being reduced, it should come as no surprise that those who are in favor of regulations would be concerned and become more vocal in a demand for regulations, a return to the controls that led to the lower crime rates we currently enjoy.


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