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I love Christmas shows. Movies or tv shows. It doesn’t matter. I especially enjoy the classics. Movies like the 1938 or 1951 versions of A Christmas Carol, 1954’s White Christmas, 1947’s Miracle on 34th Street. And while it feels strange to use the term classic, I guess tv shows like, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, and The Little Drummer Boy are classics now. I enjoy them all and countless others.

Some of the more modern Yuletide movies and shows do not do it for me as much. The Santa Clause, Elf, and others, but still I like them and watch them. Some, like The Polar Express and The Muppets Christmas Carol, I find as heartwarming as the oldies. Ultimately for me it does not matter when it was made or how it was made, if Christmas is at the theme I will watch it and enjoy it. Yes, even the overly worn out It’s a Wonderful Life.

We all have our Christmas traditions. I am a stickler on quite a few things. I guess I am a grumpy old man in many respects. I do not like Christmas decorations appearing right after Thanksgiving. I do not like the Christmas tree going up much earlier than the 10th of December, and prefer to it go up closer to the 15th.

However, once the time is right, the tree will go up. Well, actually three go up; the big one, a small one-foot tree decorated with tiny figures from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and a much smaller tree that I typically put in the bathroom. Along with the trees, my nine different Santa Claus figures come out, range from a two-foot tall Father Christmas to tiny porcelain figurines. Additionally, my complete collection of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer plushies is carefully arranged, everyone from Santa and Sam the Snowman, to King Moonraiser and everyone in between, including two different Hermeys, each with their own book of Dentistry. And to make sure the spirit abounds, there are several Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ceramic figures, Yukon Cornelius, and Sam the Snowman, and Rudolph that are also prominently displayed.

My big tree is always full of ornaments. But I will admit they are bit different from what you normally see. The tree displays a media theme. Over the decades Hallmark has released quite a few Keepsake ornaments depicting characters from popular movies and tv shows. So my tree has on it Darth Vader, The Emperor, and Han Solo, Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk, and Captain Picard. There are several versions of the Enterprise and Romulan Bird’s of Prey. Mickey Mouse, The Beast, and Mufasa hang on the tree, along with George Jetson, the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, and Snoopy. There is even a glittering King Kong hugging the Empire State Building, and a small sled with Rosebud written across it.

Oh, there is a host of bulbs and balls, along with a lot of hand crocheted ornaments from my Mom and many needle point ornaments my last ex made. At a glance the tree looks like any tree. But as you begin to look at the bobbles, as many of us do when we visit with someone and take a close look at their tree, you begin to see the unique theme to mine.

Once the tree is up I can assure you that my home is full of Christmas. My tv plays Christmas shows almost exclusively. I will hunt the channels looking for my favorites. If I cannot find a favorite, I will put on whatever Christmas show is available, even if I have already seen it five times during the current season. If my tv is not on, then my computer plays Yuletide music. Everything from the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas, to classical Christmas renditions, to Pop and Modern Yuletide tunes, to It’s a Spike Jones Christmas; Spike Jones was a comedic musician from the 30’s to 50’s.

I may be a grumpy old recluse, but I think you will be hard pressed to find more Christmas spirit packed into one little hermit box.

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