Les Misérables: Review

Les MisérablesIf you see only one movie this year or next, this should be the one.

I know some big movies are coming up, and some are already out there, but this simply should not be missed. It is a movie version of the long-running theatrical play/musical. But it is more than that. This story began as a novel of the same name by Victor Hugo, and is considered one of the best works ever written, as well as the longest. It is an examination of redemption told through the backdrop of the French Revolution. From the book, it became the basis for a few weak movie attempts. In 1985 it became a Broadway musical, cited as the longest running West End musical of all time, it is still in traveling production. Now that musical has been made in film. I have seen the theatrical version twice. This film adds to the musical’s amazing telling, further refining Hugo’s work.

I was totally surprised by all the actors. Yes, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe can sing. Jackman’s portrayal of Jean Valjean is spot on, note for note. Russell Crowe is Javert. He is not as full throated as I would have liked at times, but he still does a wonderful job. Anne Hathaway as Fantine is marvelous. What a surprise to see Sacha Baron Cohen in such an epic work. He does a wonderful job as Thenardier.

The direction is excellent. The score cannot be questioned, twenty-seven years of adoring fans cannot be wrong.

See it. Don’t think about it. Do not put it off. Just see it.

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