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Blaming Media:mad:
Christmas time is over. That special time is giving way to everyday life. The New Year is ahead of us. With that, I look forward to a special time for all of humanity. A time full of peace and kindness, with tragedies kept to a minimum.

To that end, I will often bring up Gun Control. Too often we are kicked awake by a horrible event, such as Newtown, Connecticut, but then our attention it diverted to some other concerns and the momentum toward change and reform is laid aside. I am going to try to not allow that to happen. Gun violence is a treatable ailment if, like a serious illness, we keep our attention focused on it.

Do I believe that all gun violence can be eliminated? No. But I believe it can be reduced, and in my opinion anyone who feels otherwise I would label as overly cynical and cold hearted.

One argument that is often thrown out against gun control and gun regulation is that the real problem is the media. Wayne LaPierre, head of the NRA, said it himself, laying blame on video games, movies, tv, and the news. I find this argument rather baffling.

If that is your argument, what is your solution? Shall we curtail the media? Place restrictions and regulations on it? There are already some regulations in that regard. You cannot print untruths that do harm. You cannot shout fire in a crowded theater. It seems to me if this is your argument, you are in favor of squashing our First Amendment rights in order to maximize our Second Amendment rights.

But of even greater confusion, pro gun owners hold to the Second Amendment in order to protect themselves from the government itself. That is, they hold to the Second Amendment in order to guarantee the First Amendment, while they blame the First Amendment for the gun violence that we experience. This is a most confusing knot to me, especially in the light of how they now, as LaPierre has shown, lay all blame on that First Amendment.

I have come to realize that pro gun advocates that feel this way share something that I cannot comprehend. They are emotionally invested in their firearms. They are not willing to discuss gun control and gun regulations logically. In fact, they cannot discuss these things logically because they are emotionally invested. It is not a logical concern to them. It is an emotional one.

I enjoy Stephen Colbert and his Comedy Central tv show, The Colbert Report. When he brings up the issue of gun control or regulations, he always pulls out Betsy, his loved 38 Special. When he pulls out this gun, he pats it, rubs it, and always gives it a kiss. I think this is a wonderful bit of satire that goes over the heads of most, but exemplifies exactly what I am talking about. The pro-gun lobby kisses its guns. It loves them. It does not see them as dangerous items, and as such it cannot look at regulations in a logical fashion any more than you could look at regulations on a family member.

I hope in the future we can break through this barrier and find some method of looking at this issue removed from emotional concerns. Until then, let’s not blame the media for doing what it has always done. The media is an integral part of our freedoms, and the founders knew that. Why else did they place those freedoms first?

You may not like violent movies or video games, but do not think them wholly new. Violent books and stories have existed since the first story was told. Hansel and Gretel stuffed a witch in an oven, Cane killed Able, Abraham was told to sacrifice his first born son, and God sent plagues and laid waste to entire cities. Violence in media is not new. Let us not kill the media to save inanimate objects of destruction.

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