I’ll Have My Regular Special

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New Year’s Day is almost here. Christmas time is behind us. That special time of year is drawing to a close.

New Year’s is fun. It is a rowdy, raucous party time. It has its serenity, a time to look forward and reflect backward. But it is mostly celebrated as a big party. Christmas is a sincere time. It is a time of good will, peace, and love, though it does have its party elements.

I spent today boxing up all the Christmas decorations. The garland outside came down. The ornaments and lights came off the tree, the tree was dismantled, and all were neatly placed in their containers. My collection of Rudolf plushies and my collection of Santa Clauses went back in their boxes, to sleep safe and sound until the Christmas of 2013.

It is a silly thing, but it is my feeling that all Christmas items must be tucked safely away prior to the New Year. Their Christmas illusion must be preserved. To allow them to leak their wonder out into the early new year diminishes the magic of their appearance when the new Christmas time arrives. They must be kept safe and secure until their time.

So now, with that special time behind us and the rowdy time approaching, my home has been returned from the special to the regular. It is actually comforting. I enjoy the accouterments of Christmas, but I am comfortable with my normal space. My hermit box, Spartan as it might be, is quite homey to me.

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