Paint, Paint, Paint

OMG! I am tired of painting.

After finishing the sink area of the bathroom, I began working around some of the related edges. I decided to paint the inside of the bathroom door white. It was a dark wood color. I have lost count of how many coats I have put on it at this point. It needs as least one more coat.

I decided to paint the front of the cabinets under the sink. That went well enough. Two coats and they are done. However, as I worked around other edges and wood work, I found that some areas that I had previously painted peeled off at the slightest scratch. The paint I am using simply would not stick to the old paint. The new, dried, paint would peel off in sheets, like sunburned skin.

So I have peeled off those sections, sanded, and repainted yet again. You have to do what you have to do. But I believe the bathroom is drawing to a close. One last coat on the inside of the door and those areas where paint had peeled and I will call the bathroom finished, at least until I get all pumped up again and decide to paint the rest of the bathroom.

What will I do with the half can of paint that is left? Well, believe it or not, I have decided to repaint the front door arch. It is really scuffed up and presents a rough look the moment you step in the place. So while I am tired of painting, I will continue to paint. OMG!

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