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This gun control issue is really heating up. Personally, I am glad that there seems to be governmental movement toward some gun control.

When I have this discussion with people at work, I am always met with a host of anti-regulation arguments. I have been gathering them up and looking for logical rebuttals. Most of the anti-regulation statements are made out of an emotional response, which makes a logical rebuke meaningless to them. They are not thinking logically, they are thinking emotionally. So I have been trying to formulate responses that are difficult for them to disagree with.

So in that line of thought, here is another argument that I have heard, and a response that should be difficult for the pro-gun individual to defend.

The argument against regulations goes something like this. Regulations do not work. They will not prevent people from committing crimes.

The rebuttal:

It is true that no law or regulation prevents a crime from being committed. However, it is not true that laws and regulations do not work. All that laws or regulations do is to describe the consequences of non compliance. Laws do not stop all of the events that they describe. There is a law against murder, but murders do happen. However, if there was no law against murder, if there were absolutely no consequences for committing murder, we all know there would be a lot more killings. All we need to do is think about our yearly Black Friday mob mentality shopping sprees, and we know if there were no consequences for murder, there would be a lot of them. Laws keep honest people honest.

Every shop owner depends on this civil adherence to law. If there were no consequences, people would simply walk in and take the shop owner’s stuff, or walk in and use the shop owner’s services. If the only threat was the shop owner themselves, the shop owner would be overwhelmed by larger folk, or more heavily armed folk, or gangs. It is the knowledge that there is a law, and that the law will bring consequences that keep people from doing these things on a daily basis.

Even you, a good, law-abiding citizen, if there were no laws or regulations, would resort to what we currently consider uncivil behavior. You know there have been times that you felt your back was against the wall, or you had been pushed or shoved or bullied so much that you got red faced and shouted, “I wanted to kill that guy.” And if there were no consequences, you probably would have, or at least tried to slap them around. The law kept you honest.

How many times have you pulled up to a stop sign or a stoplight late at night, you can see there are no cars in sight, and yet you stop? There is a little voice in the back of your head that says there are no consequences of a wreck, but there is a consequence of the law, so you stop.

The idea that laws or regulations do not work is bogus, and is not truly believed by those who use it. They may believe it in regards to gun control, but they do not believe it in terms of the laws that protect their property or their own, daily lives. It is another argument that has no basis in fact or belief.

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