Well, I’m At It Again

It started a few days ago. I noticed a strip of molding underneath the bathroom cabinets that I had not paid any attention to when I reworked the bathroom sink area. At the time, I thought the molding was so hidden under the cabinets, it would never be seen. But with the bright new paint on the cabinets, when the cabinet doors are opened, the old piece of molding jumped out.

So a few days ago I decided to paint that molding, and paint the insides of the cabinet doors. Then I realized that I really liked how the inside of the bathroom door turned out, so I elected to do the outside of the bathroom door as well. As I worked on the molding and inside the cabinet doors, as well as the outside of the bathroom door, I figured what the hell, while I am at it I might as well do more of the bathroom, eventually getting it all completely painted.

Today I marked the insides of the cabinet doors and molding under the cabinet done. I put a second coat on the outside of the bathroom door, after having given it a primer coat which made the outside much easier than the inside. One more coat and I think the outside of the door will be finished. Today I also cleaned up all the edges around the tub/shower of old paint and poorly laid caulking. I taped everything that needed taping, and got a first coat on the walls around (above) the tub/shower and the ceiling over the tub/shower.

One more coat on those areas and the door, and I will move on to the wall behind the toilet, leaving just one wall left behind the clothes washer. So, I have several more days of painting ahead of me, but at the end of it I should have an almost completely new bathroom.

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