Silence Is Golden

Sometimes there isn’t much to say. I spent all of Friday, until the wee hours of the morning, to finish up the bathroom. Every inch, except the floor, has been painted, including the ceiling. I purchased an over the toilet three shelf unit, and installed it. I also purchased a four shelf, free standing unit which went in place between the toilet and the clothes washer. Everything was cleaned up and put back in place. The only thing left is to redo some of the caulking around the shower / tub and sinks.

Saturday I taught classes, and did a little cleaning up around the place. Then I spent several hours with a dear friend, which is always nice. Today, after sleeping late, I did a little more straightening up, and several loads of laundry. My bathroom renovations caused me to fall behind on that front. I also spent some time scraping old caulking from around the fixtures within the tub / shower, including quite some time cleaning the fixtures with mineral spirits. They suffered from several poor caulking jobs.

The faucet itself was looking pitted and scratched, so I went out and purchased a new one. Then I set about getting the tub fixtures back in place in proper fashion. Normally, tub fixtures do not need to be caulked, but that is based on proper installation of the tub / shower unit. Mine was not properly installed, which explained a lot of the messy caulk.

The overflow cover fits into the overflow drain about a half inch low on the hole in the tub provided for the overflow drain. The previous person to work on the tub decided a ton of caulking would work to cover the gap. I decided to cut a piece of heavy plastic that matches the color of the tub to create a sort of flange ring, which was sealed in place with silicone. It isn’t perfect, but I doubt anyone would notice, and it will make cleaning a lot easier.

The faucet does not fit tight against the tub / shower wall. Again, the pervious person to work on it decided to caulk the gap. Actually, it doesn’t need to be caulked. As long as the water pipe that extends through the tub has proper plumbers’ putty or caulk, it is not necessary for the faucet to fit against the wall, though it does look clumsy and a bit unsightly. I purchased a faucet ring, designed mostly to improve the appearance of an inexpensive faucet, but it helped to conceal the gap between the faucet and wall.

The water knob shield also could not fit tightly against the wall. Once again, it is not necessary for it to be sealed as long as the tub wall and the water knob plumbing are sealed with silicone or putty. The previous individual had caulked the shield to the wall, and had done a very messy job of it. I think one reason they did that was because they did not affix the gasket that keeps the shield in place. I put the gasket in place, and sealed it in place with silicone. After some work I got the shield in place, without the need to caulk it. Once again, it isn’t a perfect fit due to the poor installation of the plumbing, everything pokes into the tub at an angle which prevents things from fitting flat against the wall. But it is in place and looks a lot better than it did before. At least there is no longer any peeling, moldy, yucky caulking around the fixtures and all over the tub wall.

Well, sometimes silence is golden.

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