Fight Night

Erik Paulson:idea:
Tonight is Fight Night. Caged Chaos 6, an amateur and pro fight show will start tonight at 7pm at the Jamil Temple Arena here in Columbia. Caged Chaos is the collaboration of the owners of the school where I teach, and a local fight promoter, Sam King.

Tonight there will be a special guest at the show, Sensei Erik Paulson. Mr. Paulson is a renown Shoot Wrestler, having won several championships in Japan. He is the developer of CSW, Combat Submission Wrestling, and coaches a lot of the fighters that you see in the UFC.

I’ve trained with Mr. Paulson. It is an excellent coach, and a fun guy. I often describe him as having a lot of kid in him, which can make him fun to be around. But it does have its downside too. When you weigh in at about 240 pounds, and you know you can pretty much kick anyone’s butt, having that kid in you can sometimes lead to some mischievous behavior.

I have been given a VIP pass to the show and will be sitting at the primary VIP table with Mr. Paulson tonight. It should be a good night for those who enjoy good cage matches. I know several of the fighters, though I do not have a student of mine in the fights tonight.

Meanwhile, I had recently ordered a camera for my telescope. It arrived today. I had some time to try it out during daylight, just to get use to it. It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to use. Now I will be able to share what I see through my scope with everyone, exactly as I see it. And to top it off, it looks like it is going to be an especially clear night, a perfect night for viewing and using the scope.

Alas, I will spend most of the evening at the fights. What to do? What to do? Yep, tonight is fight night.

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