The Cycle of Life

old truck:idea:
No, that is not my truck. It just seemed like an appropriate image.

I spent yesterday putting a new starter in my truck. I had searched the web, and the general consensus was that it was an easy job, requiring thirty minutes or so. Not being a mechanic, I figured three hours. :lol:

The old starter did come out as easily as I had read. I had purchased a starter from the local auto parts store. Putting it in became a nightmare. It was so close, but wouldn’t quite go in. I finally got it in after about three hours work. I tried to crank up the truck and the new starter clearly ran, whining loudly as it span freely, it not engaging the flywheel at all. I pulled it out and on close examination, comparing it to the original starter, I realized they had sold me the wrong part.

I returned it to find that the sales clerk had just assumed that I had a manual truck, not an automatic. He had also assumed I wanted the lifetime warranty. Who needs a lifetime warranty on a single part of a truck that already has more than 270,000 miles on it? The new clerk made the necessary changes, which required me to drive to another one of their chain shops. In the end, I received the correct part, and almost a third of my original expense back.

The proper part went in place in a matter of minutes. I guess it could have been a thirty minute job had I been given the proper part at that outset. Once it was in, I tried cranking up the truck. Click. Click. Click. The new starter was engaging and working properly, but the flywheel refused to turn. The engine appears to be locked up. This may be the end of the line for it.

Unless someone comes up with some idea that I can try, I will probably end up seeking a salvage company or, if I can’t get a few bucks for it as salvage, I’ll donate it to the National Kidney Foundation.

I seem to have really bad luck with vehicles. I had the truck for almost exactly one year. That is a year shorter than most of the cars I have had. Very few have ever lasted me more than two years. Okay, I always buy used cars. If I bought new vehicles, I would have warranties to help me keep them longer. But I would also have high payments and high insurance payments, payments I cannot make.

When I buy a vehicle, I always like to be able to pay for it outright. I can lower my insurance that way. But any problems with the vehicle are all mine as well. So now I will be back to relying on the scooter and my feet to get around. I have done it before, I can do it again. It is no fun in the cold and especially in the rain, but that is the cycle of life I guess.

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