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For some of you, today is a day off from work. For Congress it is. For the President, well does a President ever really have a day off? They may take vacations and play golf, but they are still hounded by the press and I am sure receiving multiple phone calls with questions like, “What should we do?”

I like President Obama. Has he done everything perfectly? No. Who could? If you have an answer to that question, you didn’t read the first question. No human is perfect. That said, Obama has done a wonderful job swimming against the tide.

I have several Republican friends. In fact, in a red state like SC, almost everyone I know is a Republican. Every time I bring up the Just Say No GOP and their obstructionist ways, they are always quick to say it isn’t the Republicans, and then blame Obama, the Democrats, or Congress in general.

They seem to forget that there has only been one recorded instance of an outburst at a State of the Union address, and that was by a Republican calling the President a liar. They seem to forget that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell stated, prior to Obama’s first inauguration, that his number one job was seeing that Obama would be a one term president. I guess doing the country’s business was his number two job.

Here, early in Obama’s second term we see a wonderful example. Obama stated during his inauguration speech that he would make Immigration Reform a priority. He has asked Congress to get on it. Over the weekend, there was an information leak from the White House that the President has devised a plan of his own for Immigration. It is slated as a backup plan if Congress seems to stall.

During the Sunday News shows, Senator McCain was asked if Obama’s plan could pass, even though the details have not been seen. Senator McCain said flatly, “No.” Senator Ron Paul made the statement that Obama’s plan, no matter what it is, cannot pass. Senator Marco Rubio said the President’s plan would be dead on arrival. Really? You can’t even look at it and see if there is a kernel of an idea in there? You assume it is dead before you have even seen it?

So let’s put it all together. Both House Majority Leader John Boehner and Eric Cantor say that Obama is not leading. But when it is exposed that Obama has a backup plan lined up, various officials say it will not pass, seemingly because it is the President’s plan. In short, he is damned if he leaves things to Congress, and he is damned if he does what he can. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If that isn’t politics and the height of obstructionism, I don’t know what is.

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