Good Day to Die Hard

Good Day To Die Hard:|
Good Day to Die Hard: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yuliya Snigir, and Director John Moore, Soundtrack / Score by Marco Beltrami. Movie is rated R (review is PG).

A good day for the stunts crew, everyone else took a nap.

I’m a big action movie fan, and I am really a pretty easy critic. Enlighten me, educate me, surprise me, or just keep me entertained for 2 hours and you are likely to get a passing grade. I have always been fond of Bruce Willis. I don’t know why. In real life he may be a butt for all I know. I just like him. I have been a bit skeptical of the Old Guys action movies that have been popping up lately. I believe it is entirely possible to create an interesting story around an aging but capable ex-whatever. The Bond franchise has done it well more than once.

Since I like Willis, I had to give this one a try. Bruce did his job, but little else. The script has more Deus Es Machina in it than a car factory has robots. You can imagine the story without effort. There are a few nice little twists, which, besides Willis himself and the Die Hard franchise, were probably the entire selling points to the producers. More money was spent on cars to be smashed than any other necessary part of a movie. The direction is straightforward, almost to the point of being bland. The score is not noteworthy, though I will give a few points to the sound editor and a nice sonic montage against black that opens the movie.

No need to feel you missed it. No need for Redbox or Netflix. It will translate to tv well enough, despite its R rating.

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