There’s No Place Like Home

Dorothy's Shoes:idea: How long have you lived in your current place? One year? Two? More? Is it home?

Home is a very special place. It doesn’t matter if it is some grand mansion or a worn out trailer, if you call it home it is a place of comfort.

We often think of home as that place from our past, the house and neighborhood where we grew up. It can certainly be fun visiting such places. Memories flow. But if you have been away from that place for any length of time it won’t feel like home. It is almost impossible to be truly comfortable in that space. Your cherished chair and your precious pillow just aren’t there. They may have been there, but they aren’t there now. They are home.

It takes a little time for a place to become home. In my opinion, it takes at least one year just to settle into a place, and another year before the place begins to feel like home. But once that feeling develops, it cannot be altered. You may even dislike the place, but it is still home. You are glad to get there after a rough day of work. You may be happy to spend time with friends or go on a vacation, but you are relieved once you step inside your door. Home is sanctuary.

Home is that place where you are purely you. That place where, even if you behave no differently than you do anywhere else, you feel free to drop your shields and completely relax. You may be no different at home than at your friend’s place, but you feel different. All pressures are released. All tensions unwind.

Cherish your home, big or small, new or old, clean or a mess. There is no other place like it.

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