Olympus Has Fallen (Review)

Olympus Has FallenIn one of my film classes in college we discussed the concept of “suspension of disbelief.” Frankly, it is a requirement in all stories, not just movies. We all know those young teenage girls would not go in that spooky looking house in the woods, but if they didn’t go in that house there wouldn’t be a movie, so we suspend our disbelief, if the story teller does it right.

You have to suspend your disbelief for a moment with “Olympus Has Fallen.” There is no way on this Earth that many huge weapons could get that close to the White House. But, if you shake that off, this makes for a good movie.

It is action packed. Once the premise is set, they stick within it and do not make too many mistakes. There are a few predictable time bombs, but it wouldn’t be fun without them. The Americana bravado is a little heavy handed at times, but you have to expect that going in. The direction is very good. All the actors do wonderful jobs, and the score keeps things rolling.

The movie is R rated, due to language and violence. Do not take the kids.
Good action fun. Worth the ticket.

Gerard Butler is our hero Mike Banning, President Benjamin Asher played by Aaron Eckhart, Speaker of the House Trumbull played by Morgan Freeman, Lynne Jacobs played by Angela Bassett, First Lady Asher played by Ashley Judd, Sec. of Defense Ruth McMillan played by Melissa Leo, potentially the real bad guy Agent Forbes played by Dylan McDermott, and the main bad guy Kang played by Rick Yune. Antoine Fuqua is the Director.

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