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Gilligan's Island:idea: Do you have a recurring dream or dream segment?

In my previous post I speculated on the reason we all have flying dreams, as opposed to super power dreams. Another common consideration about dreams is the recurring dream, something that you dream time and again over the years.

I have not dreamt my recurring dream segment in a while, maybe a year or two, which is a good thing. It is a rather frustrating thing to dream.

The settings are always different, but the results are always the same. It is a bit like any episode of “Gilligan’s Island.” The plot for any given episode is different, but the result is always that Gilligan screws things up causing the castaways to remain castaways.

At some point during a dream, I will be talking to someone. As I talk, I happen to be chewing gum. I do not chew gum very often in real life so if I am chewing gum in a dream I already know bad things are about to happen. I continue talking to whomever, and as I do the gum in my mouth begins to grow. It grows and grows until I can no longer communicate.

At that point my only concern is getting the gum out of my mouth. The wad is so huge that it completely fills my oral cavity. With my mouth open wide, I reach a finger inside, the gum heap so huge I have to dig my finger inside it. Hooking my finger I pull some of the gum out, but the mass only continues to grow. Pulling out huge strings of the stuff, I use both hands, pulling it out by the handful, one hand over the other like a magician pulling tied scarfs out of his pocket, and yet the pink sticky stuff continues to fill my mouth.

I do not recall ever dreaming that I successfully removed the gum. Either I woke, or the dream shifted, or I lapsed into blackness. I am sure analysis of the dream suggests that I feel unable to communicate some thought or idea or concern. As I said, fortunately I haven’t had that dream segment for a year or so.

What sort of recurring dream do you have?

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