Their Way or No Way

Giffords and Kelly:mad: Remember Gabby Giffords, you know, that representative that was shot in the head in Tucson, Arizona? She is a strong supporter of gun safety measures. So is her husband, Mark Kelly. They are both gun owners. That’s right. Two proud gun owners in the know about the law recognize that it is possible to have gun safety laws and still allow people to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Well, Mr. Kelly went to an Arizona gun shop about two weeks ago to purchase a gun. He was specifically looking for a military style weapon. He wanted to show how easy it is to buy these types of weapons, and posted that he made the purchase on his Facebook page. Remember, he already is a gun owner. He is an astronaut and a well-known figure. You would think such a person would have no trouble. He has clearly passed previous background checks, as feebly as they currently stand, and you would think the gun shop owner would be proud to call Mr. Kelly one of his customers.

Well, during the 22-day wait period that is required in Arizona, the gun shop owner has decided to not sell Mr. Kelly the gun. The gun shop owner does not like Mr. Kelly’s politics. He does not like Mr. Kelly’s efforts toward some gun safety measures that might have kept his wife from receiving a bullet in the brain. So the gun shop owner stopped the paperwork process and refunded Mr. Kelly his money before the wait period was completed.

Now, it is certainly in his right as a private shop owner to refuse to serve a customer, but what a double standard. He doesn’t like Mr. Kelly’s work on gun safety laws, so the shop owner decides for himself to deny Mr. Kelly’s his Second Amendment right. Here the pro gun lobby has shown their true colors. They and their friends can have all the guns they want, with as many large capacity magazines as they want. But if you aren’t one of them, then no gun for you. They want it all their way, or no way. And if you don’t do it their way, well, they are the ones with the guns, and no guns for you. Now how fair and adult is that?

News story here: Kelly Denied Gun.

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