The Long and Winding Road

best friends:idea: Do you have a lifelong friend?

We all have people in our lives that we call friends. Sometimes that term can be a bit misleading. We may have acquaintances that we enjoy and when we refer to them we call them a friend. But there isn’t a deep bond between you. You care about them, and they about you, but not necessarily enough to do a lot for each other. You wouldn’t go to emotional risks for one another, and as such you do not have a history list of deep experiences.

We may have people in our lives that we care deeply about and would go to deeper emotional depths for, but they are relatively new. They do not know some of your past secrets, and you do not know theirs. Neither of you can really pull up some special time from the distant past that has significant meaning for both of you.

Life moves us along. We grow, we move, things change. For some of us while we are carried along the twists and turns of life old friends get left behind or they leave us behind. You turn around one day and realize that you have no human connection to your past. You have trinkets, old yearbooks and memories, but no one you can share them with. You can tell your new friends or acquaintances about them, but the telling has no meaning. You are not sharing that past moment with someone in the know, you are recounting to someone that cannot relive the feeling with you. Your past has become names and dates that only you can connect with.

For some of us that do not have lifelong friendships, we envy those have had the same friends for so long that they almost look like a family member. A past that cannot be shared is an isolated place.

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