Scary Movie V (Review)

scary movie 5:lol: Malcolm D. Lee, Director, cast of many. Rated PG-13.
Like all of the movies in the Scary Movie franchise, this is chock full of well-known celebrities in a series of loosely tied together silly vignettes, creating a bunch of laughs. The floating story line centers on “Paranormal Activity,” “Mama,” and “Black Swan,” and crashes through“Inception,” “Cabin in the Woods,” “50 Shades of Grey,” and many others as they poke fun at a lot of recent popular culture.

While it is camp, cheap, sometimes childish and churlish, I enjoyed it as I have several others in the series. Some jokes and jabs show real insight into popular tends, while others descend to Benny Hill antics and raw bathroom humor. But that is the fun of it all.

If you are looking to leave your serious self at home and relax and have some laughs, it is well worth the ticket.

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