Oblivion (Review)

OblivionTom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko, Joseph Kosinski original story, producer, director.

When Mr. Cruise began jumping on Oprah’s couch, I started being more selective with the Cruise movies I would see. He just freaked me out a little. But heck, I’m as fruity as a nut cake myself. I have to admit, he has never failed to entertain and is good at his job despite his personal quirks. While the action hero is his stock and trade, which doesn’t stretch him except that he performs most of his own stunts, he is willing to expand, as when he played the movie mogul in “Tropic Thunder.”

When I saw the previews for “Oblivion,” I first wondered if I would bother with it. But once I knew that Morgan Freeman was in it, and in costume, Mr. Cruise got a free pass. Once gain, he has not failed to entertain.

“Oblivion” is a fascinating post apocalyptic puzzle. The plot is full of unexpected turns. The action sequences are thrilling. The cinematography is amazing. Mr. Kosinski opts for more old style film techniques, such as rear screen projections, that many directors would not use these days, but it shows, creating a very real feel in some very unbelievable scenes. That does not mean there is a lack of CGI. The movie couldn’t be made without it. All of the actors do a wonderful job. Andrea Riseborough sets off the little alert in your mind, making you wonder when Ash or some other robot like thing is going to pop up. Joseph Trapanese’s score propels the story. It is a bit representative of Hans Zimmer’s “Dark Knight” scores, but still unique and fresh and driving.

Definitely worth the ticket.

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