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Sphere's Edge:idea: Regular readers know that I have begun posting a novel that I originally wrote in the mid 1980’s, and that I am currently in the process of polishing, updating, and rewriting that novel. It is called “On a Sphere’s Edge.”

A major rewrite is currently in process. In the original text, I had taken a fairly standard approach of examining the protagonists, and then peeking in on the doings of the antagonists. I have elected to reject my original approach.

Instead, I am focusing more on our hero, seeing the majority of the story unfold from her point of view, and giving the reader little direct information on the antagonists. I believe this will add to the mystery and suspense. Beyond that, I believe it will make the antagonists more frightening. We always fear the unknown.

As such, almost every other chapter of the original writing will be scrapped, and this means a major rewrite. And as such, where I thought I might make posts to the story on a rapid, almost daily basis, posts of the novel will become more of a once-a-week or even rarer event.

In the interim, I will continue more of the normal sort of posts on the blog.

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My new book, "Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me" is available now, as is my Sci-Fi joy ride, "On a Sphere's Edge". I have a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC. I have been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager, and I am currently an Author and a Martial Arts Instructor.
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