Iron Man 3 (Review)

Iron Man 3Right off the bat, if you have been keeping up with the Marvel franchise in any fashion, movies or comic books, it is a must see.

Everyone does a wonderful job. The direction, by Shane Black, is good. The effects are wonderful. The score, by Brian Tyler, is good, though I will say the main motif of the theme is very reminiscent of the main motif in “Quantum of Solace” in the James Bond franchise, though probably only I and a handful of others will notice it. Mr. Downey and Ms. Paltrow feel as fresh in their roles as in the first “Iron Man” movie. I was particularly taken by Ty Simpkins, the youngest primary actor in the franchise. He did a very good job.

The plot has nice twists and turns. I have always enjoyed the quick banter evident in all of the “Iron Mans,” and this one does not fail to deliver, even young Harley (Simpkins) keeping up with it. The story involves effects to Tony Stark created by the “Avengers” encounter. While the character has always openly displayed human flaws, they were also accepted strengths. Now we get to see a weakness. The villain, Mandarin, is as twisted as any of the “Iron Man” bad guys. I will say that the evildoer takes on more fanciful super powers than I would prefer. I would rather see more smarts versus smarts. But Mandarin doesn’t get as outlandish as some buy guys have gotten in other franchises, most notably the last “The Amazing Spider-man” villain, The Lizard. The movie has a wonderful 60’s flavor, especially during the closing credits.

Some personal notes, it is nice to have such a prominent Wing Chun afficionado. If you know Wing Chun and you go see the movie, don’t blink during the first five minutes. ;)

Also, thanks to the renown of the franchise and Mr. Downey’s fondness for Wing Chun, if you do as I do, and stay to watch all of the credits, you will realize we now have to spell it, “Si-Fu.”

Well worth the ticket.

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