The Great Gatsby (Review)

GatsbyI enjoy films where the cinematographer, director, and art direction are as much of the experience as the story itself. This is certainly one of those.

The film does the novel justice, so there is little sense in discussing the plot. Though I will say it may be more the American story today than it was during its rise to that claim. The relevance to contemporary times is striking.

All of the actors give great performances. The real beauty, beyond the story, is the visual quality of the film. The first few minutes feel contrived, but then it settles into place and the style of the storytelling blends with the filmmake approach to create a captivating telling. The score is wonderful, spanning genres and times, incorporating pieces that simply must be in a Gatsby movie, to the much hyped Jay Z, which seems to fit like a glove.

Director Baz Luhrmann does a wonderful job of blending Nick’s inner monology with the telling of the story, paying homage to Fitzgerald specific phrases.

Customarily, if a movie is available in 3-D, I will see it in 3-D. It is possible to imagine it without it. It is not possible to know if the 3-D is properly handled if you do not see it. In this case, the 3-D is part of the overall visual style. It is not 3-D for reality’s sake. It is 3-D for storytelling’s sake. While the standard film will be quite enjoyable, it will not be quite the same.

Well worth the ticket, including the glasses.

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