Now You See Me (Review)

Now You See MeThere are all kinds of magic, slight of hand, illusion, escape, mentalism. At its best, simple misdirection will do the trick. Add a little flash and you can amaze a crowd.

I will not say that this movie amazes, but it does keep your attention. The cast is wonderful. Woody Harrelson is particularly fun. Morgan Freeman is, well, its Morgan Freeman. Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher do nice jobs. Mark Ruffalo also turns in a nice performance, though a bit reminiscent of Colombo. But maybe there’s a reason for that? Hum.

The camera work is a bit dizzying at times, and some of the newscaster voice overs are heavy-handed exposition at best, but overall it is an engaging story with a host of misdirections. The movie itself is as much the magic trick as the tricks within it. The score is entertaining, though at times a little too allusive of the “Oceans 11/12/13″ franchise.

I will put out this poke at a recent movie franchise – not one single Ticking Time Bomb in the entire movie, and we know what happens to the bad guy in the end. The writers, Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin and Edward Ricourt, did their homework, tied up all loose ends, and avoided the God Machine. Thank you, gentlemen. You gave my brain the washing it has been needing, and restored my faith in scriptwriters.

Entertaining, though not Earthshaking, you will not be disappointed, though you could wait for Redbox. Sort of worth the ticket, depending on your mood.

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