Writers BlockI have not written in this blog lately. It isn’t that I’m ignoring the blog. Well, I guess I am, but not intentionally so.

I have been focusing, perhaps too strongly, on a following novel to “On a Sphere’s Edge,” called “A Sphere of Influence,” the first chapter of which I have already posted. I have also been focused on seeking publishers for “On a Sphere’s Edge,” printing copies and starting the process of mailing it out. I previously found one publisher that preferred electronic submissions, and I have submitted it to them. I will mail out a hard copy to another publisher tomorrow or early next week.

Publishing takes time. Publishers need time to review manuscripts, and I am sure they get tons of them. Writers generally do not get accepted by the first publisher they submit to. I recently read that the average time between first submission and publication is eight (8) years, with the time lines ranging from 0 years to 41 years. Rejection slips are common, so writers have to be prepared to submit to other publishers, as well as prepared to rewrite. I accept all of this.

My goal is to submit to at least two publishers per month. In the meantime, I intend to work on the sequel. That is proving a challenge for me. “On a Sphere’s Edge” came to me fully formed almost 30 years ago. It went through 3 writing stages: the first quick write in the middle 1980’s, a second fleshing out writing in the early 1990’s, and then the final rewrite this year. Yes, those are huge gaps, not because the story was difficult to write. It may have been because the story was so completely formed in my thought, it seemed old-hat.

“A Sphere of Influence,” on the other hand, is not fully formed in my mind. I can see the plot summary, I know the key points, but the details do not exist at all. “On a Sphere’s Edge” was so complete in my mind, I knew actual lines of text from the beginning, the middle, and the end, as if I was only dictating a movie I had seen in my head. “A Sphere of Influence” is a creation, building it from scratch, which makes it much more difficult a task.

Perhaps that is why I have not been blogging. I feel blocked. I am blocked because I am forcing an issue. I am forcing an issue because I do have a desire to resolve the issue, to reach completion. I do need to relax about it, to let things flow. To allow things to happen and let the creative part of my mind wander to build the movie, so I can then dictate it to myself.

I will get back to blogging more, to help myself release the block, to get around it, over it, or through it.

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My new book, "Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me" is available now, as is my Sci-Fi joy ride, "On a Sphere's Edge". I have a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC. I have been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager, and I am currently an Author and a Martial Arts Instructor.
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