The Lone Ranger (Review)

The Lone RangerTa-i kemo sabe (Greetings trusted friend).

As a child I was a Lone Ranger fan. I guess I am a fan of almost anything old west. Frankly, I was a Tonto fan. I always enjoyed positive native American stories. I still do. I do not flaunt it like I use to. Through most of Junior High and High school I wore shin high moccasins, and yes, I had a coat with hanging fringes. I generally wore, and still have, an Indian beaded belt. I have several cowboy hats, boots, and a host of Bolos (string ties) that caused my ex-wife no end of consternation. Having spent a few of my formative years out west only solidifies my fondness.

As such, I eagerly awaited “The Lone Ranger.” I was not disappointed in the least. The telling is a bit of a twist from the old radio show and the TV series, Tonto being more of the intelligent lead, with the Ranger starting off as a bumbling city slicker who eventually comes into his own. Nonetheless, it was still “The Lone Ranger,” full of action and wonderful western vistas, and full of good-hearted laughs. It is a tricky story, being told by an elderly Tonto, of how a lawyer becomes The Lone Ranger. The tail is full of greed and the quest for justice.

It was a joy to see a movie where the list of stunt people is far longer than the visual effects’ crew. All the actors do wonderful jobs. Johnny Depp is a character actor. There is no doubt. Tonto is not Captain Jack Sparrow, yet Depp’s unique quirkiness remains. A tip of the hat to the director and cinematographers, they tell the story, as well as show the landscapes. The sets and props’ crews also do wonderful work. In the 1970’s and 80’s, Jerry Goldsmith was the music man. It is now Hans Zimmer. His scores fail to miss.

The movie is a little longer than most, two hours and 29 minutes, though not a minute is wasted. Leave yourself the time. You will enjoy the ride. Hi ho, Silver! Away!

Well worth the ticket.

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