Double Entendre

Just Like a WomanOn FB I have been involved with several discussions about the martial art of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun was developed by a Shaolin Nun, Ng Mui, a little over four-hundred years ago.

We all have those moments when something springs forth from our lips and we do not realize the gravity of the statement at the time. I was instructing some students several days ago. Many of the male students apply strength to the techniques, making it a bit more like Karate than Wing Chun. I have often said while watching the larger, stronger guys, it looks like two tanks or two bears playing at Wing Chun.

To emphasize the softness and subtly of the science to them, I pointed out that Wing Chun was developed by a woman, saying, “A woman devised this. It is both soft and mean.” To quote Bob Dylan, “Just like a woman.”

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