R.I.P.D. (Review)

RIPDIn a world where some of the dead refuse to pass over, and a really bad Deado tries to pull together an ancient talisman that could close the passage to the afterlife, who do you call? The Rest In Peace Department, that’s who.

“R.I.P.D.” is a simple, fun story drawn from a Dark Horse comic book of the same name. It is “Ghostbusters” and “Men In Black,” with an ample supply of action and humor. Put simply, I enjoyed this movie. It isn’t worth high praises, but does make for a fun afternoon or evening.

The direction is good. The movie’s pace is reminiscent of “Ghostbusters” with stretches of low, quiet tones, followed by moments of action and quirky humor. The cinematography is good. Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, and Kevin Bacon are in their strides. I was particularly taken with Mary-Louise Parker’s role. The digital work is well done, as is the 3D, though there isn’t any special use of it. The score keeps the pace, with some alternative twists. It is PG-13, so it is fine for an older family.

Worth the ticket. You can decide if you feel like springing for the glasses or not. Either way, you will enjoy yourself.

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