RoboCop – 2014 (Movie Review)

RoboCop 2014If all that is left of you is your head, throat, lungs and heart, and maybe your right hand, and everything else was a computerized prosthetic, would you have a soul? Moreover, if the taps into your brain required for interfacing with your prosthetics were able to supercede your thoughts and desires, would you have free will? Would you still be human?

This is not your father’s RoboCop. I mean it is. But it isn’t. But it is, but . . . I think it is fair to say this is its own movie while being an homage to the original. Many plot points are pulled directly from the original and just as many stand wholly by themselves. There are several direct references, even required lines pulled directly from the original, but used in completely new ways.

One big difference is that this RoboCop will require you to think and question the world around us and ahead of us. The original poked at these difficult ideas, like a child might use a stick to poke at a snoring father to keep a safe distance while still having a laugh at his being startled awake. This remake takes you on the same action-filled ride, but asks you to consider a host of everyday concerns; news media, politics, medical advancements, the price of security, free will.

I enjoyed all of the actors. Joel Kinnaman does a wonderful job. He is Swedish, but handles an American accent very well, and is able to help you to connect with the man in the machine. Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordan in The Dark Knight Rises), Michael Keaton, Abbie Kornish, Jackie Earle Harley, all do wonderful work. Samuel L. Jackson has a fun role that he pulls off well. The direction is good, as are the visual effects and set work. The soundtrack is clever and executed well, with some intentional homages, statements, and sonic craft.
Worth the Ticket
Do not wait for the small screen. This is well worth the ticket.

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