The Greater Result Podcast #4 with Alex Mosher

Podcast #4 with Alex MosherIn this podcast, I sit down with my daughter, Alex Mosher. Some of you may already be thinking, “Wait a minute. I thought you had a son.” Well, what I have is a wonderful, brave child. Alex was born male, but several years ago went through all the necessary tests to confirm something that Alex had known since early childhood, that internally Alex was female.

Alex expressed this to me in 2010. I have always been proud of Alex’s intelligence and self determination, so I had no reason to question her. I admit, as a parent with future visions of a family of grandchildren gathered around a Christmas tree, it took an adjustment. We are all reluctant to let go of dreams in the face of realities. But I fully supported Alex at the outset, and within a week new visions of the future began to unfold.

During the initial conversations about Alex’s feelings and choices, one statement she made struck me, and stays with me to this day. We were debating the different reasons why things turned out the way they did. A little research shows that modern science views at least 5 reasons why an individual may be transgendered. Without going through all of them, they basically reduce to some genetic considerations, variations or inaccuracies of X and Y chromosome combinations, even a double X with a Y, or it can be the result of imbalanced hormone delivery during gestation; be it too much or too little male or female hormone delivery at differing phases of pregnancy. We are all a little bit both female and male. If the right hormones or the right amounts are not delivered at the right times, imbalances occur. Alex’s mother was at high risk of miscarriage, and the prevailing treatment at the time were heavy doses of estrogen, a female hormone.

Regardless, during this discussion Alex said, and I am paraphrasing, ‘It doesn’t matter to me why or how. Even if it was the estrogen, if that is what it took for me to be here, to be alive, I’m fine with it, and I’ll take whatever comes from that.’ What a clear headed, brave soul Alex is.

One of my goals with The Greater Result podcasts is to get the guest, or guests, to talk about anything, to allow the conversation to ramble. We are all multifaceted beings, with more than one note to sing. Of course Alex and I will discuss LGBT considerations, but we also talk about technology and the technological singularity, change, The Curmudgeon Effect (explained here), as well as discussion about socioeconomic considerations and a few other things.

This podcast was recorded on Friday, March 14th, 2014.

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