Edge of Tomorrow (Movie Review)

Edge of TomorrowThis was originally published on June 8, 2014. This is a reconstruction following a database failure.

Hop, hop, move left, jump, move right, zap. Ugh. Hop, hop, move left, jump, move left, hop, zap. Ugh. Try again. We’ve all done it, worked our way, trial by trail, though the maze of a game. What if it was your life? What if it was the only way to save humanity? What if you learned that the person you loved would die in level 42, and try as you might, there was no way to prevent it?

Aliens are taking over the world. Major Cage, a Public Relations officer, finds himself forced into battle, only to be thrust into a weirdly repeating world. Like a game, each time he dies, it restarts though he has full memory. Maybe he can fix the mistakes, this time.

This sort of thing has been done before. Bull Murray’s Groundhog Day is an example. But unlike Groundhog Day, the resets are not just a plot device. In this case, they are critical to the antagonist, making the device an important part of the story arc.

I enjoyed all of the actors. I particularly enjoyed Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farell. Tom Cruise does not step too far out of his action hero zone, but it works for this role. Emily Blunt does a wonderful job.

The direction is good, as is the editing and overall pace. It is tricky trying to convey to the audience that the same thing has happened hundreds of times without actually showing it hundreds of times. They do a good job in that regard. The cinematography is well done, as is the musical score. The special effects are captivating. The aliens are truly alien, and actually take a moment to grasp, which is as it should be.

The 3D is not astonishing, and at times even shows a few slips or holes, but it is also not distracting.Movie Ticket

Worth the ticket. You won’t miss much if you skip the glasses.

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