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Sammi's Weathertop

Sammi’s Weathertop

One of my readers, Sammi, learned something from my blog about a print that she owns.

She stumbled on my blog post, Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd and found that she had a prize in her garage. She sent me a few questions, and apparently had a little fire kindled in her.

Her query led to a follow up post, Portrait of the Artist with a Nerd Part Two, where we all learned a good deal more about the artist, John R. Byron.

Now Sammi has her prize framed, and it will soon be proudly displayed on one of her walls. She was kind enough to send me a picture of the framed work, so I thought I would share it with you. You can click the thumbnail, or the image below to see a larger, more detailed view.

I think the choice of frame is wonderful. The rough wrought woodwork lends itself well to the subject, and Mr. Byron’s style. The forest green mat really sets the piece off and works well with the greenery in the image.

I know you will enjoy it, Sammi. Now don’t get complacent. Be sure to get that artwork lamp we talked about.

Sammi's Weathertop

Sammi’s Weathertop

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