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On a Sphere's Edge Tiny Cover

(From Chapter 2: Moonlighting)

Alcohol can be bliss. It takes you to a forgetful land where reality becomes as intangible as drunk. Almost one day ago she had worried that the Sphere may have changed her in some way. She remembered deciding, before Jack Daniels tucked her in bed, that it had not. She still had her training, her past, and some ability to choose. No being is ever completely free. The Sphere had not made her less free. At least she did not feel any influence from it other than the desire to look at it. She was all Alexandria Novastra, perhaps more than just Alex. She had not done anything out of character since seeing the Sphere, nothing torrid or crazy. Quite the contrary. Her decisions and actions had been deliberate. Her thoughts were clear. While she refreshed these revelations from the night before and checked on her instruments, she was mindlessly stroking the edge of something that rested beside her pilot’s seat, in the same way one might pet a cat or finger some curious little crinkle in the arm of a chair while pondering deeper issues.

Mark Szaz says:
“If you enjoy Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, then I suspect you will find “On a Sphere’s Edge” thoroughly enjoyable!”

Chris Ashby says:
“I really enjoyed it! It was a good story that was thought provoking and entertaining, interwoven into a very interesting look at the future. Well done!”

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