Four Eyes are Better than Two

Four Eyes are Better than TwoAs I write this, it is Boxing Day.

We do not celebrate Boxing Day in the U.S., but perhaps we should.
Boxing day is December 26th, the day after Christmas, which is good.
It is held in most countries once a part of the British Empire;
Brittan, Canada, Hong Kong, India, and many others, I’m no liar.

Christmas was a hectic time for peasants.
Members of the elite sat back and relaxed on Christmas. They spent the day with family and friends, feast and open presents.
But someone gathered together the presents that they give.
They wrap them, and strap them, and make the bows live.
Someone puts up the tree and prepares the roast beast.
Someone clears the table and cleans up from the feast.
Someone puts out the trappings,
washes the dishes and picks up the wrappings.

Beyond the preparations and the work of Yule Tide,
there were weekly and monthly servants that the elite must abide.
The mechanic that keeps the car in top shape,
the guru that helps you to lose all that weight.
The clerk at the shop,
the nurse at the doc,
the dog groomer,
the tree bloomer,
and the great hall vacuumer.

So once each year these souls were given a break.

On the day after Christmas, when all the big work was done,
the servants were allowed to stop from the run.
It was their day off, and time for some fun.
The elite would visit the servants with little presents,
small boxes of cash, and hence the Boxing Day of the present.
Of course it is different in our modern ways.
Most clerks are back in the shop on Boxing Day.
Servants still clean, and toil, and sweat.
Boxing Day is another work day spent.

Since Boxing Day suggests that we take a day of rest,
so sits my current book, The Curmudgeon Code, born from “The Curmudgeon Effect”.
I intend to let it take a rest and leak out of my mind,
I have been working on it for quite some time.
When the New Year begins, I will start the audio book work,
which will take many months, should I not shirk.

In regards to this task, there is one thing that’s true,
Indeed, it is certain four eyes are better than two.
As such, I have a question to ask,
Are you interested to help with this task?

You won’t become famous. There’s no money included.
Perhaps a small trinket, no more is alluded.

Well, enough of this Seussian rhyme.
I’ll write with my own voice for the rest of the time.

As the New Year arrives, I have two goals. One is to get On a Sphere’s Edge in paperback. I will work on that for the next few weeks. The other is to get my next novel out later in 2015.

My goal with my new book is to release it in all formats at the same time; hardbound, paperback, ebook, and audio book. The audio work; recording the text, acting the dialogs, working on the sound effects and music, will be my final editing process. I’ve gone through several edits and proof reads, of course, but there is at least this one more to go.

What would be nice would be some additional proofreaders. Four eyes are better than two. So, if you would like to read my manuscript, and make any notes on things you notice, I would appreciate that. I’ll get you a paperback copy when it comes out in print, or a coffee mug, or some other trinket for your troubles.

The story is a futurist one. I suppose you could call it science fiction. There certainly is a great deal of science and a great deal of fiction in it. But it isn’t all spaceships and laser battles. In fact, there isn’t a single spaceship or blaster in it. It is about Artificial Intelligence, and consciousness, and thoughts about self-awareness, as well as art and love. You can see the cover, the tag line, and the prologue, right here.

If you would be interested in reading my manuscript and giving me your notes on misspellings and confusing sentences, I would appreciate it. Use the form below to let me know. I’ll get you a PDF version.

I would like to proofread your new manuscript.
* indicates required field

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My new book, "Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me" is available now, as is my Sci-Fi joy ride, "On a Sphere's Edge". I have a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC. I have been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager, and I am currently an Author and a Martial Arts Instructor.
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