Leonard Nimoy Will Live On

MR SPOCKLeonard Nimoy – the word is given.

Mr. Spock will live on. The children of today’s children will know Mr. Spock. Many of them will know that Spock was first given life by Leonard Nimoy rather than Zackary Quinto.

Okay, Nimoy was an actor, Spock a fictional character. However, Spock became iconic because of how Nimoy portrayed him. Star Trek would not have become iconic without Spock. For a few decades Mr. Nimoy shunned the character-typing that he received because of Mr. Spock, but I believe in the end he had to know the importance of that role.

Star Trek and Mr. Spock changed the world. Countless visionaries modeled their innovations on the images and messages that Gene Roddenberry gave us. The early cell phones – flip phones – were flip phones because Mr. Spock’s communicator was a flip phone. Spock walked on the bridge carrying a small stack of brightly colored “computer tapes.” Decades later I held a stack of brightly colored 3.5 inch computer diskettes that looked and operated in an almost identical fashion.

How wonderful it would be to create an impression one-millionth as trans-formative and lasting as Leonard Nimoy created.

Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy. You will be missed, and remembered.

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