Jurassic World (Movie Review)

Jurassic WorldWe live with the constant quest for more – more resources, more revenue, more action, more teeth. In any system, there is a point where the greed for more will result in something you cannot handle or control.

It is more than twenty years since the Jurassic Park venture failed. However, the desire to thrill and captivate the public continues, driven by InGen’s quest for revenue. The public has grown bored of Triceratops and even T-Rex, so those crafty genetic engineers have whipped up something new. That sort of thing never goes well in action movies.

The plot is simple enough. Jurassic World is one of the growing spate of action for action’s sake movies. However, there are kernels of thought within. The theme from Jurassic Park is still alive and present, that life is a system in its own right. Life will find a way. There is a new thought as well, one that may point at current social affairs. When the masses grow tired of T-Rex, to what will they flock next? When life itself is not awe-inspiring, strange, or fascinating enough, how can you make it even more intriguing? Better yet, should you even ask that question?

Overall, the movie left me floating in the middle. I enjoyed it, but there were things that prickled me. I’m all for action, but I prefer clash and chase to be more of an appetizer and less of the entrée. There were a few technical movie-making flubs as well, continuity lapses, an abrupt time change, some cliché over and under tones. These days action is the golden pass for movies and most movie watchers, so very few will notice those fumbles.

The actors do well. The cinematography, much of which must actually be in digital environments, is good. The special effects are what you would expect, virtually seamless. The score is on point. As to the direction, editing, and even the writing at points, my mind goes back to those small burbles. Would I have not noticed the minor clichés if a continuity lapse had not shattered the spell? Would the time shift feel less abrupt if there had been fewer trite moments keeping me at arm’s length?

Do not take what I say too deeply. It is enjoyable and worth seeing, especially if action is your thing. The tiny pinpricks most folk will not see or feel. I heard one moviegoer say upon leaving the theater, “That was a great movie.” Most will view it that way.

movie ticketIt is PG-13 due to the scariness of giant dinosaurs eating people, and the associated blood. The 3D effects are good.

Worth the ticket.

After thinking about Jurassic World for a day, two things come to mind.

The first is rather minor, but telling. The premise is that Jurassic World is an attraction with rides, cafés, and all the associated waiting in lines. Cell phones figure prominently in the movie, at least in terms of the main characters. However, the folk standing in line or riding the rides all have their heads up with bright, shining smiles – except when the assets break loose of course. In the real world, if you look at host of people standing in queue, most of the heads are turned down, their noses buried in their smart phones. I understand the director’s intention. ‘Everyone look at the park, look excited and happy.’ However, it generated a lack of realism, and avoided a potential commentary.

Jurassic Park Water RippleOf greater importance was a lack of uniqueness. Jurassic Park is notable because it developed at least one iconic moment – the T-Rex’s sonic presence seen in the rippling water of a drinking glass. That moment went on to be copied in several movies in one fashion or another. Jurassic World does not have any similar out-of-the-box movie making moments. It is rather tried and true. The closest would be the woman being dropped from a Pterosaur into the Mosasaur tank, only to be plucked out and dropped in again, which is more reminiscent of the opening shark scene from Jaws than being truly unique.

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