Bewildered Blues

Bewildered BluesI must confess I am bewildered, confused, and concerned. I feel like I have put in the work, and pressed most of the right buttons, but the results are so weak. The Kickstarter for my new novel has 21 days left. I intentionally went with a short period (30 days) for a variety of reasons. The goal is reasonably small, and I wanted to provide backers with a short turnaround time. It seemed like these were good buttons to push.

I’m not dissatisfied with Kickstarter or the Kickstarter that I produced. I’m certainly not dissatisfied with my new novel. However, I am quite confused with the outcomes. The stats that I am getting are not only bewildering, they are disappointing.

So far, only 51 people have viewed the Kickstarter video. That is 29% of my Facebook “friends”. It is only 5% of my Twitter “followers”. I cannot calculate the percentages from Google+, Pinterest, Stage32, and several other sites, but clearly the numbers are low.

Moreover, of those 51, only 39% have watched the video all the way through. 19 people, 10% of my Facebook “friends” alone. Clearly a fraction of a percent when all sources are combined. If people aren’t watching the whole video, they certainly are not reading the text. They aren’t listening to the audio book passages, or viewing the updates. They don’t have a clue what it is all about or the work that has gone into the book.

I dare not think about what those numbers really mean, percentage-wise, when I consider that a few people (very few) have shared the Kickstarter or some posts related to it. I get that a great many people might not “like” the material, might not “like” the Kickstarter or even the idea of it. I get that many people might not “like” the idea of assisting me, or may not like me. That’s all cool. I get that. But the idea of social networking is that one network connects to another. You might not “like” a thing, but you may know someone who would, someone that the initial purveyor does not know, someone who is not in their network, the tangled and expanding web of networks. You don’t have to “like” something to consider it Share-worthy. As you all know, we know when things are shared. 4 people out of my network of “friends” have “shared” a few posts. No one has “shared” anything from the Kickstarter itself. Is it so un-share-worthy that not even a stranger who may have stumbled upon it has considered sharing it?

I’m bewildered, and confused. Does anyone have any ideas on how to spread the word? Clearly, my circles are too small. My reach is far too short of my grasp. Ideas would help. Please avoid the obvious, though. Right off the bat one thinks of advertising. Well, if I had advertising dollars, I wouldn’t need the Kickstarter.

Are there any clues out there?

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