Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Movie Review)

Batman v SupermanWhat if God and Superman got in a fight? Like ancient Greek myths, what of the battle between God and Man? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What is an alien? There is so much red meat, a bountiful harvest to work with. There is much to like, and much overcooked or underdone.

The cinematography is fine, though there are obscured shots that feel unnecessarily blinding. Were these the cinematographer or the director? The sound effects are what you expect, but little more than that. The visual effects are state of the art. The score is well done.

The editing is confusing at times. Dreams within dreams can be fun and informative, but at times, these mental insights feel misplaced and unnecessary. The story starts; stutters, steps left, and starts again. The plot is clear, but the telling meanders.

There is no real complaint with the actors or casting. There was early uproar at the idea of Ben Affleck portraying Batman. However, for this incarnation he works just fine. I was more enamored with the supporting cast. Jeremy Irons gives us a wonderful, very hands-on Alfred, and Holly Hunter as Senator Finch. I do enjoy Jesse Eisenberg, and I want to enjoy his Lex Luthor, but again I am caught between his work and the director’s direction. There are moments to like, and moments not so much.

DC Comics missed some great opportunities. As Marvel laid out the roadmap, DC should have taken the obvious tips. Both Batman’s and Superman’s story lines were well laid out in previous movies. The heart of this story begins, in fact, during the climax of the previous ‘Superman’. This creates part of the stuttering story telling. There is no need to rehash Bruce Wayne’s evolution. Touch his torment perhaps, but a retelling is not necessary.

Likewise, a pinnacle moment is the appearance of Wonder Woman. She is now a blend of the Wonder Woman character and Xena – the warrior princess is pronounced in this incarnation. This is where DC really dropped the ball. Where was the intro movie to Wonder Woman, the intro to Flash, or Aquaman? Okay, we could really do without Aqua-dude, but he pops up here. Maybe he doesn’t need his own movie, just as Falcon didn’t get his. Flash has the TV series, and I suppose that counts. However, Wonder Woman, the high point of this movie and perhaps the most enjoyable part, has been left out in the cold until this shining moment. Dear Sirs at DC, there were millions to be made, and you left them on the table.

It is PG 13, with not much little kids should not see, or hear, though this Batman is devoid of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight ethic. The 3D is well done, however there is nothing stunning. You can enjoy the movie without the glasses.

I have to give this movie a “Wait for the DVD / Rental” rating. It is enjoyable, but maybe not worth the ticket and popcorn.

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