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My new book, “Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me” is available now, as is my Sci-Fi joy ride, “On a Sphere’s Edge”. I have a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC. I have been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager, and I am currently an Author and a Martial Arts Instructor.

Early Prep for August

This is our star as seen from my porch at 4:51pm on this day. The dark patches are because I waited until the afternoon to start my testing – pure laziness. They are a few tree branches that began to … Continue reading

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Love Trumps All

On Valentine’s Day, honor your significant other, but do not leave out the many other aspects of love. Here are my thoughts – Love Trumps All, as posted on my other site.

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This Little Piggy

Do you wear shoes or go barefoot when you train? Here is a fun article on the subject from KDA Wing Chun – This Little Piggy.

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Calm in the Overdrive

It seems more and more people have some training experience, which changes the nature of the random attack. However, violent crime is on the decrease. Calm is needed. Here is an interesting article… Calm in the Overdrive on KDA Wing … Continue reading

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Diminishing Returns – A Post from KDA Wing Chun

“JKD is only a license to teach without structure – formless. Wing Chun, when well learned, is a license to be formless.” — KRM… This is an interesting article from KDA Wing Chun. Read More…

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