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Why Everyone Likes “The Force Awakens” and the Negative Implications

I avoided my normal review of “The Force Awakens” for a few reasons. I did not want to release any spoilers. That is no longer a consideration. I also wanted to take time to figure out why everyone seems to … Continue reading

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Bewildered Blues

I must confess I am bewildered, confused, and concerned. I feel like I have put in the work, and pressed most of the right buttons, but the results are so weak. The Kickstarter for my new novel has 21 days … Continue reading

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The Target

With eyes fixed on a specific target, the world fades away. Peripheral vision fails. Reason loses touch with reality. Only the target matters. One’s own failings go unobserved. Nothing matters but the target. Honor goes out the window. Respect evaporates. … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

Sometimes I feel like Marty McFly, zooming back to things past in order to build a base for the future. Sometimes it feels more like wheel spinning than going. I am in the thick of the audio book production for … Continue reading

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Leonard Nimoy Will Live On

Leonard Nimoy – the word is given. Mr. Spock will live on. The children of today’s children will know Mr. Spock. Many of them will know that Spock was first given life by Leonard Nimoy rather than Zackary Quinto. Okay, … Continue reading

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