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My personl diary. Items placed in this category are most likely mundane day-to-day actives and do not dicuss deep thoughts, complex concepts, or engaging activies.

Early Prep for August

This is our star as seen from my porch at 4:51pm on this day. The dark patches are because I waited until the afternoon to start my testing – pure laziness. They are a few tree branches that began to … Continue reading

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The Law of Conservation of Energy

At times, we have all been in a void, not knowing where to turn. We spend a great deal of time weighing options, trying to make a decision about which path to choose, or to make. These mental gyrations feel … Continue reading

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I Will Not Lose Her

When a cataclysmic storm rages between friends, we often look at the relationship itself. What went wrong? I did with her. I examined the relationship. I am sure she did as well. However, I think a deeper part of me … Continue reading

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While doing some spring-cleaning and organizing, I found this piece of artwork of mine, stored in an unusual place away from the rest of my artwork. I suppose I intended to hang it when I was moving into this place, … Continue reading

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Giving, Gifts, and Gratitude

In the short time since my Kickstarter ended, a few people have expressed the desire to give me some money to help in my quest to get my latest novel published. This has left me pleasantly surprised, but also in … Continue reading

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