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Wistful Wishes, Wants, and Ifs

The holidays are over. Did one of your wishes come true? Did you get what you want? If you had gotten that one special thing, life would be wonderful, right? Did you make a resolution for the New Year? Will … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Reader

Written language systems that allow the reader to approximately recreate the utterance of the writer date back to at least 3200 BC, making writing more than 5000 years old. The writing of numbers is much older. The use of pictographs … Continue reading

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A Transhumanism Supposition

PROPOSITION #1 Computers will continue to advance in speed and capability. PROPOSITION #2 Computers will advance to the point of obtaining beyond human intelligence and self-awareness – consciousness. PROPOSITION #3 Computing technology will continue to miniaturize and add bandwidth into … Continue reading

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The NFL will Never Feel the Loss

So we have this new (old) kafuffle with NFL players and the organization itself. Here’s a quick, short prediction; in a year or ten, nothing will change. The players are new. The allegations are new. The situation is old. Some … Continue reading

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Calling Orson

Sometimes my brain rambles. I have been thinking about this recent shooting of young Mike Brown in St. Louis and the rioting that followed. Rodney King revisits us in 2014. I think about Trayvon Martin. I think about Eric Garner … Continue reading

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