Head Movies

Dreams – not goals, but the movies that play in my head when I sleep. Thank you Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder). Listed here are stories, poems, and thoughts that came through my dreams.

She was the right person for me… Rated G
Mr. Underhill vs. Mr. Overland: How would I compare to a Hobbit. Rated G
It Happened Again Rated G
I Am Alone: Bitter acceptance. Rated G
I Can’t. I Know. Rated G
The Hole Where the Rain Comes In Rated G
What About the Blind Girl?: Rated G

The Bookkeeper: A Christmas tale. Rated G
Brain Dent: Written in the early 1990’s, peeled out of “The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Rated G

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Thanks for Taking the Time

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Win On a Sphere's Edge

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My Book is on Nook!

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A Winner! Let's Keep Playing!

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Another Chance to Win!

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We have a Winner!

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Promoting Emoting

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Let's Play a Game

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The On a Sphere's Edge Audio Book is Out!

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New Cell Link Channel

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What's in a Tag Line?

New Cover BlankThe audio book is proceeding well. Approximately nine hours of audio narrative, along with some sound effects and some musical backgrounds, is quite a task. Regardless, the release date, sometime in mid-July, is on track. Along with the audio book … Read More »

Recording the Audio Book

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Writing a Book

On a Sphere's EdgeI’ve written a book. Is it the great American novel? No. Is it my best work? Well, it is my first book so there is nothing to compare it to. Frankly, as I am already working on my next novel … Read More »

New Trailer

A new, shorter trailer for the book… Get the book here: On a Sphere’s Edge.Read More »

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