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Writing in a diary or journal or blog every single day can be a bit of challenge.

When I was young, I kept a diary. I have two, a one year diary and a five-year diary. The one year diary is very straightforward, a small book with a page for each day of the year. The five-year diary is about the same size, but each page is divided into five horizontal sections, one for each year.

In many cases during those diary years, the five-year diary provided sufficient space. A great many of those small blocks have in them, “Nothing happened today.” Certainly things happened. I woke, went to school, and did stuff. However, everyday life is repetitive and therefore does not feel noteworthy. On days when big things did happen the tiny space provided in the five-year diary was insufficient. But that was a fairly rare occurrence.

Journals are a bit easier. The customary journal is a book or notepad of blank pages. They are not dated. There isn’t the expressed requirement of making a daily notation. Additionally, entries may be of any type, a poem, a thought about one’s past, as well as comments on the events of the day.

Blogs are basically electronic journals, freeing the user to make any sort of entry or no entry at all. Diaries and journals are private. But unlike a diary or a journal, a blog is public or at the very least it is open to a restricted group. And there, as Shakespear said, is the rub. As a more open, public venue, you want to keep your readers interested. Things need to change. New entries need to be published on a regular basis. There is the same expressed requirement of making a daily notation that one finds in a diary. It may be self imposed, but it is there.

So what do you do when the repetitive, not noteworthy nature of daily life steps in, and yet you feel the need to create an entry?

You write an entry like this one. :lol:

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