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I love music. I cannot imagine a life without it. I not only enjoy listening to it, I enjoy playing it, and even dream it.

Some time ago I purchased Rock Band II, Pro Keys version, which has a small 22 note keyboard, an actual keyboard that you play the game with. It was a fun way to get back into playing the piano.

Early last year I purchased a full-fledged keyboard. Sixty-six keys with force detection, which is to say it operates like a piano, hit hard and the note is loud, touch softly and the note is soft. It is packed with a host of different sounds, from different types of pianos and organs, to guitars, violins, horns, and a lot more. It also has rhythms as well as a nice list of built in songs. The songs can be played automatically, like a player piano. But more important, they are attached to a learning system that shows which keys to play and even proper fingering positions and transitions.

I have worked my way through most of the songs that are built into the keyboard. Well, those that I had some interest in. I had no desire to learn “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Heck, I could probably figure that out myself in a matter of minutes and dress it up far beyond the built in version. I have tended to focus on the more complex Classical and Baroque pieces. Right now I am working on Mozart’s Sonata K.545, first movement. You would recognize it. In fact, here is a rendition. Click Here to Listen. That isn’t me, by the way. That is a generic midi. It is a wonderful piece for working runs, as it has quite a few runs in it.

While I have been learning the tunes built into the keyboard, I sort of let my Rock Band II playing fall by the wayside. However, the other night a song that I often played on Rock Band, “Last Dance” by The Raveonettes, wound its way as the background of a dream. So while I am still working with the big keyboard, I was driven to pull out my Wii game system yesterday and rock some of the tunes that I enjoy playing.

I love notes, the musical kind anyway.

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