Crazies With Guns

Too Many Guns:mad:
This is an actual T-shirt that is available for purchase in a variety of formats from a variety of places. I first saw a variation of this T-shirt while visiting the NRA’s web site.

I went to the NRA’s web site to ask them to put me on their Enemies List. The NRA has a list of people and organizations that they consider to be enemies of the NRA and the Second Amendment. The list is a bunch of high profile folk such as Tony Bennett, Bon Jovi, Art Garfunkel, Britney Spears, Frank Zappa and many others. The list also includes companies such as A&M Records, Levi Strauss, Sara Lee, and Ben & Jerry’s. That’s right. The NRA has it in for ice cream, cake, blue jeans and music.

I used the NRA’s contact form to ask them to place me on their Enemies List, and to list me as a Volunteer Enemy. I received an automated reply that stated that they would get in contact with me. They haven’t, but I really didn’t expect them too. There have been several news reports in the last few days that the NRA has scrubbed its Enemies List, but I don’t believe it. They may be trying to remove it from public knowledge, but I am sure the board of directors keep notes on whom they want to watch, and who they want to be ready to counter attack.

While on the site, I saw that T-shirt. What a contradiction. In the past the NRA was for background checks and gun safety. Now they preach the idea that if you know how many guns you have, then you don’t have enough. I guess that plays into the idea that criminals will always have guns. If you don’t know how many guns you have, you don’t know if you are missing one, and a criminal may have it.

Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, recently made a statement and said we all have to arm ourselves against rampant marauders. He has basically stated that the Second Amendment requires every citizen to own a gun. On one hand he talks about freedom, on the other hand he suggests none of us are free to choose. It is clear he and the NRA are either shills for gun manufacturers, which is most likely, or they are completely crazy.

It is scarey to think that a fair percentage of those who are pushing for no gun safety measures at all are the people that own guns, and perhaps more than they can recall. It is scarier that these same folk are backed by the NRA which sees the world as something beyond the wild west, where everyone has a gun including grandmothers and the blind. It is scarey to think that law-abiding citizens are the crazies with guns.

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