Seizing the Sequester

Sequester means to seize or hide or isolate. I guess we can look at the current governmental Sequester with all of those definitions. It is the government being forced to seize some of its expenditures. It is the government being forced to hide some of its expenditures. It is the government being forced to isolate some funds and expenses over others.

However, it is all really quite false. The government is not being forced to do anything. As you watch the news, remember that everyone is spouting rhetoric, though some of them are speaking closer to the truth than others. It is true that if the Sequester is allowed to go forward as it is currently written, it will have a negative affect on our economy and will put some people out of work, and reduce the paychecks of others.

It is also true that the Sequester was put forward by the Obama administration. But it is also true that a majority of the House Republicans signed onto the bill. They agreed to it and even wanted it. They requested something like the Sequester and Obama obliged them, so they cannot wash their hands of it, as if to say, ‘It’s not our fault.’ They are as much a part of it as anyone else.

However, when you hear those who originally supported it complain about how horrible it is and that it is all up to the other guy to do something about, that you can take to be a flat out lie. The Sequester is a law created by our law makers. They can as quickly abolish the law as they created it. If the House GOP does not like it, they can bring forward a bill to get rid of it or modify it. We do not see that happening, so do not believe them when they say it is wrong. They think it is the thing to do.

The Administration is prohibited by the Constitution from creating law. President Obama cannot create a law or abolish one. He can suggest that law makers do such a thing. He can suggest that they get to work on solving a problem, but he is prohibited from making anything happen. The Administration leads. It is up to Congress to act.

The Tea Party likes the Sequester. It is what they have been calling for from the start, blunt cuts in governmental spending. John Boehner and Eric Cantor were calling for balanced budgets. But balanced has never meant combinations of revenue and cuts, it meant only cuts. With the Sequester they are not even calling for balance. They want the President to suggest only cuts. They want the Senate to devise cuts only. Basically, they want the Sequester. So do not believe them completely when they say they are against it. Boehner said after the signing of the Sequester, “I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I’m happy.”

That said, he will be upset if some of the cuts reduce jobs in his own district. That will bother him. He wants cuts, as long as he doesn’t bleed himself. The same is true for Cantor or any other law maker not really trying to do something about the Sequester. Remember, they don’t have to go along with it, they could simply make it go away, so they can do something about it if they really want to.

I worry for those who may lose their jobs. I worry about those who will be furloughed and see their take home pay reduced. I worry about our economy which has been climbing out of a deep hole, and the Sequester may just kick us back down that hole. But I do not worry about the Sequester too much. As those opposed to it feel the pain of it, they will suddenly come up with ways of fixing it. Right now it is an ideological win for them. When it starts to really, physically hurt, they will find a fix.

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